In the Press

Here is the article posted by the Los Angeles Daily News.

Please note, the article below is incorrect as 1 dog was found at the scene.

VAN NUYS – The bodies of two men were found after firefighters put out a blaze to a 26-foot travel trailer, authorities said.

One man’s body was discovered after firefighters put out the blaze in the 16900 block of Sherman Way shortly after receiving the 5:12 a.m. call, said Bryan Humphrey, spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The second man was located hours later under hundreds of pounds of debris during the department’s investigation, Humphrey said.

Two deceased dogs were also found.

“The second man was clutching a dog,” Humphrey said.

Damage to the trailer and a nearby building is estimated at $40,000, Humphrey said. The cause of the fire was under investigation.

It appeared the trailer had been parked at the site behind a liquor store for some time and had been using power from the business through the trailer’s electrical hook-ups, investigators said.



  1. A former brother in law and a fellow former US Marine. What a terrible way to die. My heart goes out to Betsy and Eric. Dean

  2. When I first read this news article my heart twisted in anguish. Now, I’m concentrating on the generous, effervescent man he was.

    Eric, you have given us all a tremendous gift by starting this website.

    Thanks so much.

  3. Thank you, Dean and Ruthie. Cynthia Broze and I are working hard to add a complete archive of pictures, videos and stories, so feel free to submit anything you may have to

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