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Larry on the Stern

Larry Broze joined the Marine Corps in 1968. During basic training the Corps awarded him the winning medal for physical fitness. At discharge he received several medals: National Defense Medal, RVN Cross of Gallantry, Vietnam Service Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, and a Rifle Sharpshooters Ribbon. He served 18 months in Vietnam. When he returned home he married Betsey. His son, Eric, was born in 1970 and they moved from Harvey to Los Angeles shortly after.

Larry became interested in scuba diving; it became his life as sport and profession. He started a scuba repair business in the divers supply shop of a long time friend. Other professionals considered Larry to be one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people for scuba regulator repair in the United States. He wrote a chapter on regulators for a friend’s book Scuba Equipment: Care and Maintenance. He took frequent trips to Catalina Island and Mexico with his diving buddies.

After their dive trips began to wane, the group took up Sunday gardening in Larry’s backyard. Larry devised an intricate irrigation system to insure his favorite tomatoes remained plump and juicy. But motorcycles were Larry’s greatest love. He built his first bike at 16–each piece chromed to perfection. He continued to ride and tweak motorcycles his entire life.

Larry retired last year and actively sought to volunteer with the Veterans Administration because he thought they had helped him so much. He wanted to give something back. He enjoyed helping people. His family has a phrase they often use about his integrity: “Larry lived by a code.”

Larry Broze died on February 15, 2008 in a house fire. He is survived by his wife Betsey, son Eric, mother Eva, sisters Gloria, Arlene and Cynthia, plus other family and close friends whom he loved and spoke of often.



  1. I was so sorry to hear about Larry’s death. Thanks to Robert for letting me know. I’ve enjoyed seeing these photos – the younger days is how I remember Arlene and Cynthia! My thoughts and prayers are with the Broze extended family and friends as you remember Larry.

  2. Broze – I was shocked to hear that you had passed. I remember seeing you just last Sunday and now you are gone. It was great talking and joking with you during the time that I’ve known you. You will definitely be missed and remembered in the hearts of many for years to come. Best wishes to the family – I’m very sorry for your loss.


    Received via e-mail at
    date Feb 17, 2008 9:50 PM
    subject Larry Broze Memorial

  3. To the entire Broze family:
    Larry, Bets and I go back a LONG way to riding up and down 154th Street, to the Harvey pool hall, DeMars, to a little apartment on Halsted and 144th in Riverdale where we partied, and where you brought home your infant son. Then you moved to California, and the party sort of continued via a long distance phone call now and again. Rest in Peace Larry.

  4. To the Broze Family,
    Prayers and thoughts go out to all of you, I remember your family from being neighbors on Broadway in Harvey.

  5. Aunt Betsey & Eric – I just got the email from Aunt Susie – I am so sorry for your loss. My greatest memory of Uncle Larry was when he saved Allison from the undertow during our visit to CA with Grandma. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.


  6. Eric,

    What a generous thoughtful thing you did for family and friends to set up this site so everyone could share. Thank you.

    Aunt Arlene

  7. One of the things that Larry talked about a lot was the family reunion in Indiana. He couldn’t get over the joy he experienced during those couple of days together. He said to me, “Whenever someone plans another reunion, I’ll be there.” Yes, he most definitely will be as we honor his memory and the life he lived among us.

  8. Betsey, my god bless you, Eric and the rest of the Broze family. May all of you find peace.

    The passing of Larry was a very numbing feeling to me, Larry was like a brother to me. I knew Larry and his sisters since I was 12 years old. My brother and Larry were great friends, they even enlisted in the MARINES together. Larry I`ll miss you like my brother. I don`t know what you went though in the war, you see LARRY, you left Vietnam, but you didn’t leave the war. God has a special place for Marines like you. May God bless you. Virgil Perry & Family.

  9. Eric,

    This site is wonderful. I’m having lots of fun, even in my sorrow, remembering and laughing as I go through the pictures and comments. I’m sure it will grow and become a masterpiece. Thanks to Cynthia too for your input on it. Larry would love it!!!!

    Aunt and sister Gloria

  10. Thanks, Gloria.


  11. Happy Birthday, Larry !!

    If I could talk to you today, I would say that
    you are loved and we cherish the conversations we had with you in recent months.

    When you surprised me with a phone call, you always wanted to speak with Jimmy, too.

    The pictures and thoughts by others bring you closer today.


  12. Larry would have been 58 today. So…………..


  13. Happy Birthday, Brother!

    I so admire the effort you made to keep in touch with everyone. You are loved by many. Happy Birthday!

  14. I rarely spent Larry’s birthday with him–I was too lazy to drive to his place. Today there’s nothing more I wish I could do.

  15. We have so many great memories with Larry. He will be missed.

    With Deepest Sympathy,
    Micky & Yvonne O.

  16. Larry was and always will be my brother. He treated me like a member of his family.
    I never had a dull moment around Larry. Learned so much from him and enjoyed his company every time I had a chance to be around him.

    I will always miss him.

    My heart goes to the Broze family and anyone that had the privilege of meeting Larry.

  17. The Broze family and their extended family were a major part of Harvey Nazarene Church when my husband pastored there 1970-1975. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  18. Larry, Eric, Betsy….I miss you all. My thought, prayers and love are with each of you.


  19. I remember hanging at your house in Van Nuys….in the garage….The Brooze always liked Rubarb…Reloading…the long slide…Damn, I’m stunned. I’m sad.

  20. I still can’t believe it. It was very shocking to hear this news. I am the son of Rod Francis who worked with Larry at West Coast Divers Supply. I practically grew up around there and I loved to hear some of the stories Broze would tell. My whole family is saddened by this loss and we give our deepest sympathy to the entire Broze family. We love you Broze.

    “Whoa Whoa Whoa!!! Lemme tell you somethin'”

  21. Dear Friends and Family.
    This has taken my breath away to say the least.
    Larry was not only friends with all of you ,he was
    my lover,husband ,Eric’s father, and always my best
    friend. He was there for me when I broke my shoulder.I can smile at how he so very good about,
    taking care of me in my hour of need.I know now
    I didn’t just get him all those years ago, I also got you. How rich I am in family and friends. Much love
    to all,thanks for everything!! Love you so,Betsey

  22. I have been thrilled to read the many posts from people that loved Larry. I hope he knew how we cherished him.

    Since the last family reunion, we talked on the telephone a number of times. When I’d ask him how he was doing, I can still hear him say, “OUTSTANDING”. I chuckle when I think of his enthusiasm and zest for life.

  23. Larry’s Aunt Elsie had some fond memories she said I could share…

    Dave & Larry bonded early when they were young boys.

    A couple of times Larry joined Dave and his Aunt Elsie & Uncle Leonard on vacation trips.

    One time they went to Colorado. Larry happened to look out the back window and said, “There’s smoke coming out of the car!” His uncle was able to fix the problem and they continued on their trip.

    Another time Larry accompanied them to The Smoky Mts. of Tennessee. The boys loved swimming in Ogles’ pool.

    On Aunt Elsie’s birthday (# 90 last August) she was pleased to get a card from Larry. It had a lot of complimentary things to say about an aunt.

    Betsey & Larry rode on their motorcycle from California to Youngtown, AZ to see them several years ago.

  24. Betsey and family,
    So sorry to here about Larry. As each day passes you will become stronger and ready to face each day. You will find comfort in all the lovely memories Larry has left you.
    Do not stand at my grave and weep
    I am not there, I do not sleep
    I am a thousand winds that blow
    I am the diamond glints of snow
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain
    I am the gentle autumn rain
    Do not stand at my grave and cry
    I am not there
    I did not die









  26. Larry’s Aunt Elsie received a birthday card for her 90th birthday. Larry added this handwritten message to her:

    I think at this point you & Leonard are the “elders” of the Lyons clan. I hope it remains that way for a long time.

    I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming family reunion in April.

    He had circled a phrase on the greeting card that says: Aunts are part of your fondest memories of growing up and good times.

  27. Thinking about Larry a lot lately….thought I’d come back and read all the posts. Larry would be proud….TC

  28. To Eric:
    Thank you again for this memorial to your Father. Although cousin by blood, for me he was the only “brother” I ever had. The days of our youth and our reconnection as older men have enriched my life. He had a love for family and the courage as a Marine to serve his country, as you have also done. Thank you for that. As family, the love expressed for your Father extends to you and your Mother.

  29. Dear Ones,
    My heart is filled with such love for all of you!!
    Larry and I left home a long time ago.Every time
    a holiday came around every one knew they had a
    place to go so they wouldn’t be alone on a holiday.
    we both missed being with our families,we sort of
    created our own family out here.Donald Bentz
    told me tonight how he always new he had a place.
    at our house.I Guess I Wanted to be Grandma Lyons , my Aunt Nita Peters non family, but a great woman ,two examples I Try to live up to,Betsey

  30. Eric,
    You were named after Eric the Red a Viking, I am
    in awe of you ,I always knew you were special!! Thanks for picking all the pictures!!Man I don’t look
    too bad in most of them!!Yeah i know this is about
    Larry but I don’t want to be butt ugly for him or you.
    love you!! Mom!!

  31. I come to this memorial every day to read what is new and know how much Larry was loved. As I think back over the past few years about the family reunion, Rich and I going to CA to be with Larry and Betsey, the conversations we had over the phone, many of which were just Larry and I talking heart to heart, makes me realize that there is a Masterplan for our lives. The death Larry experienced just doesn’t make any sense to me but because of our upbringing and talking to Larry I can’t help but think it was his comfort at the end.
    There isn’t a day that goes by that he isn’t on my mind and heart and I will surely miss his “midnight phone calls” and that sharp witted sense of humor he had. I feel his presence by me and I plan to see him again someday.

  32. Gloria, I agree with your thoughts about Larry. I, too, think of him every day and have wonderful memories of him. Think of what we would have missed had we not gathered at the reunion several years ago. He enriched my life and made me value every family member more.

  33. Gloria and Ruthie,
    Wow , here I thought I was being strong for all of you. Well , you are so much better than me! All I
    wanted to do this week is cry or kick some butt.
    I am so glad he called you both. He didn’t seem to
    get sometimes how important family was to me, am
    glad it finally came to him, and you all reaped the
    good parts. Love you Bets

  34. This picture of Larry on the deck of a boat with the gorgeous view behind him, plus the write-up of his achievements, brought tremendous emotion to my heart this morning.

    Another of his most outstanding achievements transpired during the last three years of his life when he reached out to all of us in the family. We were able to feel the warmth of his vibrant personality as he shared his thoughts and love. He anticipated the next family reunion with great excitement.

  35. Cousin Eric and Aunt Bets:

    For so long, you’ve seemed very far away. But I read your notes here and it’s like I’m right there with you.

    Eric, you’re a master! This website is awesome. I’m really impressed with your knowledge and ability to sift through everything to show the person your dad really was. I didn’t know anything about his military service and awards, other than that he served in Vietnam.

    Believe it or not, I also had a few late night phone calls from Uncle Larry. His desire to tell even me – a long, lost niece – that he loved me, moves me very deeply.

    I think he would have burst if he couldn’t tell us that he loved us. He didn’t let anything stop him from saying what he had to say and he didn’t waste anytime to get to the point. That sometimes makes me laugh when I think about our conversations, but at the same time, I wish I were more like him in that way.

    I hope all the love you have obviously received over the past month, has comforted you. I’m reminded of the song Time is a Healer that says “love heals the wound it makes”…

    We love you both.

  36. Thank you, Jill.

    The whole point of this site, was to have a place where everyone can share stories, pics and to connect with loved ones. I am very pleased you all have enjoyed it.

    Please feel free to submit any pictures, video and stories to

    The song Jill mentioned is by Eva Cassidy and a video for which can be found here.

    Love you all –

  37. I’m so sorry to hear about Larry’s death. He was one of my brothers best friends. He seemed like part of the family to me growing up. I’ve known Larry sence 6th grade. My brother Larry Griffey loved Larry like a brother. Now all three are together some where in heaven. Billy Perry, Larry Griffey, and Larry broze. Larry and Billy were Honor Guards at my Larrys funeral. Betsey I remember the parties we had when You and Larry first got married. Eric I remember you as a cute little fellow. Sorry we were so close yet so far apart. My Larry had plans to live in LA when He got out of the Marines. No dought if Billy and Larry had lived they would have all been together in LA. That was part of the reason I moved to LA myself. I lived in “The Valley” 21 years and never knew You were so close. My heart and prayers go out to you.

    Some people come into our lives and quickly go….

    Some stay for awhile and leave foot prints on our hearts…..

    and we are never ever the same….

    God Bless you Larry and party on!

  38. Hello Eric, Bets,

    I come back often to read the posts and remember.

    All the best, TC

  39. Thanks, TC. It is greatly appreciated.

  40. I’ve forgotten most Larry’s friends from from our young Harvey days, but I always remember Billy Perry and Larry Griffey. Thanks for writing Judy.

  41. Dear Judy,
    How many thoughts I have had of you In the last
    month.I hope all is well with you. I have seen
    pictures of Billy’s son and he has grown up to be a
    fine young man.Diane has always been a friend.
    She is just as nice as always.I talk to Virgil Perry
    pretty often, he wants to be there for me .I guess
    the Harvey Boys were not so bad as they wanted
    to be!!So glad you wrote your note!!
    Love Betsey

  42. T.C.,
    Miss you babe! Hope all is well in your life!!
    Love You, Betsey

  43. Eduardo and I visited Larry’s grave site yesterday. There is only a temporary marker for now. The place is beautiful. I made a video and posted here–you can watch it on the page titled Visit. It’s also posted on YouTube, just search Larry Broze.


  44. Eric,

    This is such a wonderful site to keep returning to. I don’t think Larry would even have been able to imagine the wonderful memorial that you have made for him. Each time I return, I am more and more impressed.

    Thank you.

  45. Arlene, I agree with you and as Larry would say, “OUTSTANDING.” I think as the oldest of us, I am going to pull rank and adopt that word as my own. So you might be hearing that phrase again folks. Of course, we’ll never be able to forget where it originated.

  46. Thanks all!

  47. so!!
    Boy. thanks for all the love from all of you!! This
    has been my darkest hour and I thought some
    other times were the worst .I know now that
    those other times only were a test to see if I would
    sink or swim. Well I am only swimming,because of
    your love and support.Thanks so much!!

  48. Betsey, we needed you, too. Thanks so much for coming to Arizona for the family reunion.


  49. Hey Bets,
    I’m doing well! I keep coming back….

    Larry would really be happy to know how much people loved him.


  50. This wonderful picture of Larry was prominently posted on the wall at the Lyons family reunion last weekend.

    Eric, you were missed. I hope you feel the affection and gratitude we feel for you and what you’ve done on this website. Although many of us have never met you, we feel like … to some degree … “we know you”.

    It was great to have Betsey join us at the reunion.

  51. Thank you Ruthie.

    I am glad everyone is using the site and learning more about Larry, and to some extent, me.

    I read every comment and feel the love everyday.

    Sorry I missed the reunion this year. When is the next one?

  52. Hey Eric, Bets, I made a trip to the shop last week and visited the site. I was stunned. I’m so sorry.


  53. t.c.
    oh man why didn’t you call I would have been there
    for you !! Please know I am trying to do the right thing. Thanks for being you!! Need a reloader? Found that the other day!! Love Bets!!

  54. Hello Bets, Eric.

    Hey Bets, I dont have your contact info. Maybe Eric can forward mine to you. I’d love to speak with you, Hang Tough, TC

  55. T.C.
    When have I ever not hung tough?I have a backbone of of tempered steel forged by a fire!!Just remember I AM THE BETS!! It’s hard to do only the right thing but that is who I am.I just keep swimming
    as the sharks circle around.Larry would be so proud as I am taking care of business as usual.This is my job, and I will see the right things are done.Love BETS!!

  56. As usual, the strength of the Bets shines through….

    He would be very proud of you, thats for sure.


  57. I just stumbled upon this website. I am the flower girl in the picture of Jim & Sylvia Johnson’s wedding.

    Betsey and family, you have my deepest sympathy. I was shocked to see that Larry had passed.

    I last saw Larry when I was a freshman in high school. I was hospitalized with mono at Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey, and Larry was also hospitalized with a broken leg (?). I can’t remember exactly. But I do remember fondly, and I now laugh again when I think of this — Larry and another guy had wheelchair races down the hallways, and they’d crash into my bed.

    Again, please, accept my prayers for you for peace and comfort.

    Betsy (Betty) Wischover

  58. Hi Everyone,

    Just thinking about Broze, thought I’d check back in.

    We miss you Larry.


  59. Larry, It has been 5 months since you took your final journey. Whew what a ride it’s been. I am so sorry you have missed so much.The family reunion was just what I needed.Aunt Elsie was a hoot and now she is with you. Alex has also joined you so I feel good loved ones are with you.Katie called she felt you all the way in Australia.Thanks for sending her to me!! We loved her so. Huggs love from her and me!! Thanks for watching out for Bets, you were so loved know I am still on the watch. Bets

  60. Amen

  61. Today Larry and I got married 38 years ago ! Whew! It was the 3rd of September and Papa was a rolling stone.Where ever he laid his hat was his home. We would play that song and laugh.Larry liked his home where ever it was,as long as the door was open to all his friends .Well it was always open!I have to thank him in so many ways for making me to learn to be a caterer to everyones likes and dislikes.Thanks for the adventure of a lifetime!The good friends are still around and are loved because they are wonderful.LOVE TO ALL BETS!!

  62. Hey Bets, Eric and Family….just checking back in. Still think about my friend Larry often.


  63. Happy halloween Larry, I miss you.


  64. Hey Larry, me and my wife are thinking about you. Happy Holidays, we miss you.


  65. Hey Larry,

    We miss you!


  66. Thanks TC.

  67. Broze Family-
    I’m sure it probably still feels like the news came yesterday, and I am so sorry for your loss. I will never forget the love I always felt in that house in those early Harvey days…love was passed out freely. God bless you all as you still daily process your loss.

  68. Thank you so much, Debbie. I’ll be sure to pass your kind words to my mom.

  69. Hey Now Broze,

    We miss you a lot. Your still here in my heart.


    • Thanks. The Broze family misses you, TC.

  70. Hi Betsy & Eric,
    Thought I would add a line or two to all the wonderfull comments above.
    I want to testify that Larry was one of the most unique people that I ever knew. A better friend would be hard to find. Although my time with him was short, the times we had and memories we made together have often and will forever continue to visit me, leaving me with a feeling of regret that he left us so early and then as always with a smile for having been here.
    I’m sorry that I was not fortunate enough to get to spend more time with him. He was always a HOOT!
    Larry, you will certainly be missed by all who knew you. But for sure, when ever and where ever a good time is being had by any of your old friends, your spirit is there.
    I love you Broze. Randy

  71. Thanks, Randy. Feel free to comment on any of the pictures on the site.

  72. Still missing and thinking about my brother. I relive many wonderful times with him often.

  73. Hey now Broze…..We miss you!

    • Hey now TC. Feel free to comment on the other pics as well. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find.

  74. Dear Betsey,
    I have been searching the web to see if I could find anything on you. Haven’t heard from you in years and not sure where you might be. I have been worried. I am glad to have found this wonderful site that Eric created yet so sorry to hear about Larry. I did find Deb Lundmark on Webshots. She gave me a new number for you a while back. Sadly, time has gone by and I never tried that number. I will again search for that number and call. In the meantime, if you get this note, please do email me. My thoughts are with you. I think of you often. Love you, Vikki

  75. Larry,
    Mom isn’t doing well and will be coming in the near future. Gather all of the family who are there, send the angels for her and meet her at the gate.

  76. Hello Eric,
    I am not sure if you remember me, but we met once or twice during my study stay in California in 1994 to 1995.
    I met Larry in W.C.D.S. and since that time I had spent a lot of time with Larry and Betsey – usually during weekends in their garden.
    For the last time, we saw eachother in December 1996.
    I am living in Prague, Czech Republic, and since 1996 I have not been able to go to California again. During the years, unfortunately, I lost conntect with everybody I knew from W.C.D.S., so it is rather a big shock for me to find out today that Larry passed away.
    With regards, yours Charlie (Charlie Roger used to call me Check Charlie).

  77. Hey Broze. A few weeks ago, I had an old memory that flashed through. One that I had not remembered or thought of in decades. It was back in late 1972 or early 1973 a few of us were partying and we ended up downtown Chicago. Broze said something like, “let’s check out the playboy club.” So we drove by. Broze asked if anyone would run in with him to see what we could see. I volunteered, and we went upstairs to the resturant level (the only place that we were able to get past the elevator lobby) and walked in. High, shabby looking with clothes to match, definitely not looking PRIME TIME. We walked through the resturant over to the window, looked out, turned around and exited, checking out the bunny waitresses all the while. No one said anything to us.
    We walked with a little more swagger for a time after that.
    Episodes like this was full blown Broze. These types of times is what a lot of Broze’s friends will remember.
    I remember you Broze. I love you man.

  78. Dear Larry,
    Thinking of you and Mom during this Christmas season. I miss you both very much and have such wonderful memories of Christmas times from the past.
    Sending up Love.

  79. Broze,

    Love you. Thinking of you.


  80. Larry,

    Thinking of you today. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 3 years. It seems like yesterday.

  81. So Long Broze….RIP Buddy

    Mark Radabaugh moved home to Florida years ago….just found out about Larry passing today…:(

  82. Been thinking of you a lot lately. Miss you and always will. We’re all just hangin’ around getting older while you just stay the same.

    Love, Gloria

  83. Hey Now, B-rose,

    Thinking about you, we love and miss you. Ms. Bets. Eric, you too.


  84. Hey Broze, thought of you along with a couple other friends that left us too early. All are missed. I especially miss those New Years Day calls form you. Always, Randy

  85. Hey Broze, been playing billiards with Bird a few times over the past month. We might play tomorrow. I will bring you up for some reflections on ou and other Harvey hoodlum friends. Always, Randy

  86. B Rose……still thinking of you! TC

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